CIAF Trial

The Cairns Indigenous Art Fair 2021 programme is now live!

Can’t make it to CIAF or to see the 4 stunning exhibitions at NorthSite? – Let us bring the art to you! Explore the links below to see the artworks, browse works for sale and see the past exhibits.

The exhibitions

Francoise Lane

Tropical Punk Backpacks

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Djabugay Art Centre

Bulurru Dagil-ndu “The people are strong, the spirit is strong, the creator is strong”

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Amy Loogatha | Elsie Gabori | Dolly Loogatha | Ethel Thomas | Dorothy Gabori | Agnes Kohler | Joelene Roughsey | Amanda Gabori | Betty Williams | Roxanne Thomas | Renee Wilson | John Williams

Mornington Island Art: Legacies Living On

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Robert Tommy Pau

Torres Strait Enlightenment: 150th Anniversary of Coming of the Light

Participating artists

Barbara Dover

Bernard Lee Singleton

Portrait of the artist Billy Missi

Billy Missi

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Jane Heraghty

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