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On Now Look Forward Look Back
Two people standing in a room looking at a projection of scuba divers. In the still image of the film, there are several letters 'n, g, f, p, r' that the divers are moving around the ocean floor.

Amrita Hepi | Susie Losch | RaqsMedia Collective | Rirkrit Tiravanija | Jimmy John Thaiday | Trevor Yeung

Off site: Planetary Gestures

26 September — 03 November 2023

Claudine Marzik

Undara Paintings

01 September — 28 October 2023

A large artwork on a white wall. The artwork is a detailed cyanotype on paper. A woman is blurred in the foreground walking towards the artwork and looking at it.

Claire Grant

Milk Run

28 August — 07 October 2023

A collage of the Australian bush (paperbark trees), plants and furniture (torn couch, table).

Charlotte Haywood

Future Nostalgia

01 September — 14 October 2023