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NorthSite presents the work of leading and nascent artists who challenge, highlight, engage and define unique aspects and ideas related to place, society, language, arts and culture.

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Digital LED screen covering the facade at Bulmba-ja Arts Centre. The artwork is of 3 dugongs in white with black outlines and blue water.

Moana Ahwang | George Gabey | Laura De Jersey | Jimmy K Thaiday

Gab Titui | Bulmba-ja Facade

16.12.2022 — 31.01.2023

Bubble O'Bill ice cream wrapper embroidery on cotton and framed in a timber box frame

Regi Cherini

Sweet Nostalgia

23.01.2023 — 11.03.2023

copper wire shaped onto an organic form

Sixfold Project


18.11.2022 — 28.01.2023

BUNDA ART | Wild Charm Jewellery | KATE HUNTER | Paul Lester | Lexi Di Cora | Breath and Essence | Ed Koumans | JULIE POULSEN | Hannah Parker | AKIKO HANAZAKI | Far North Studio | Kim Nolan | Lois Hayes | Julie McEnerNy | PEARL AND SALTY PLUM | Tegan Koster

NorthSite Art Market | Christmas Cubes

18.11.2022 — 28.01.2023