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NorthSite presents the work of leading and nascent artists who challenge, highlight, engage and define unique aspects and ideas related to place, society, language, arts and culture.

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Three artworks on a white wall. All three are acrylic paint on timber. The first artwork is a road leading to the horizon, the second is a white farm shed in a grassy field with mountains in the distance and the final is a large body of water.

Annika Harding

Flux and Fog: Landscapes of the Atherton Tablelands

13 April — 01 June 2024

An artwork made from textiles with a womans figure and the text 'MAGNETIC' written down the right side.

Muma Nai


13 April — 01 June 2024

A pastel and pencil drawing on paper of an owl and possum

Anastasia Klose

For thy sake I in love am grown

13 April — 01 June 2024

Alex Baird Murphy

Magic Compass

13 April — 01 June 2024