Heather Koowootha

Heather Koowootha

Heather was born in Cairns and spent time in Aurukun as a toddler learning from her old people. She spent time living in Aurukun’s “top-end” village with her uncle Don Taipangoompa (Kanamp) and his wife.

Heather’s father Kanamp was born in the bush near Pormpuraaw, South Kendall River to Knox River area. Heather’s mother was a Yidinji Traditional Owner from Yarrabah and Gordonvale. On her father’s side, Heather belongs to the Wik-Mungkan people and on her mother’s side, she is a Tjapukai/Yidinji/Kuganji women.

Heather works in a range of mediums including drawing, printmaking, painting, ceramics and weaving.
She has spent several working as an artist with Canopy Arts. She was recently a resident artist and arts worker at the Wik & Kugu Arts Centre where she is exploring her roots and more traditional ochre painting and carving techniques.

Courtesy of Wik and Kugu Art Centre.

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Heather Koowootha

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