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A welding helmet covered in gold jewels

Chantal Fraser

The Ascended

11 November — 20 January 2024

Several people looking at jewellery and objects on a gallery wall.

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NorthSite Art Market

17 November — 20 January 2024

A dark image of plants bunched together

Immortal Soil: Bob Horan & Selena Murray


20 October — 30 November 2023


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5:30 pm — 7:30 pm

08 December — 08 December

General Event, Opening Event

NorthSite – Exhibition Opening

Join us at NorthSite Contemporary Arts for the exhibition opening of 'other' by The 5Five.  Through this exhibition, the 5Five collective represents local artists' Roderick Newbury, Doula, John DeSatge, Fletcher Glover and […]


4:00 pm — 5:30 pm

08 December — 08 December

An image of gold glitter splashing on a glossy black surface.

General Event, Training

Artist Connect

Join Melania Jack from NorthSite in an informal group that aims to connect local artists and provide a collegial support network. This month we will focus on celebrating and sharing […]



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A blured image of a rain-forest with text that reads "Mornington Island Art, Selina Kudo, Euan Macleod & Geoff Dixon, Anastasia Klose, Annika Harding, Vernon Ah Kee, Gab Titui Cultural Centre, Jill Chism, Luke Aleksandrow, i object"

17 November, 2023

2024 Exhibition Program

NorthSite Contemporary Arts is excited to announce its 2024 exhibition calendar Next year's exhibition program celebrates the breadth…


A white wall with hanging material in white, natural colours and fluro yellow. A small object sits on the ground next to this artwork.

19 September, 2023

I am the jellyfish; I am not the jellyfish

Words: Douglas Rushkoff   By calling this collection of exhibitions “Future Nostalgia”, Charlotte Haywood and her…


A woman standing in a room looking at a projection of scuba divers. In the still image of the film, there are several letters 'n, g, f, p, r' that the divers are moving around the ocean floor.

19 September, 2023

Planetary Gestures travels to Melbourne

Planetary Gestures was exhibited at NorthSite Contemporary Arts earlier this year Curated by Tess Maunder, the exhibition explores ideas…


NorthSite's Programs Coordinator speaking with several students in the gallery.

18 September, 2023

Careers: Programs Coordinator

DOWNLOAD POSITION DESCRIPTION   Position title: Programs Coordinator Category of employment: Permanent, full-time Salary:…


A women with an orange shirt speaks with a an in a white shirt in a gallery store. There is a counter between them with jewellery and sculptural objects sitting on glass shelves.

18 September, 2023

Careers: Retail Assistant

DOWNLOAD POSITION DESCRIPTION   Position title: Retail Assistant Category of employment: Permanent, part-time Renumeration:…


Three mono prints on a black wall.

13 September, 2023

Artists’ Residency

NorthSite will host four senior artists from Moa Arts during a month-long residency at NorthSite Art Studios David Bosun, Solomon Booth,…