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NorthSite Art Market | Christmas Cubes

18.11.2022 — 28.01.2023

Realistic painting of two hands with the right hand over the top of the left. They wear three rights on the top hand and two rings on the bottom. There are 4 bees on the top hand and two bees on their arm. Three bee are flying the the black background.

Kaori Suzuki | Yasuko Alcaino | Alice Martin | Lisa Wright | Mary-Lou Kitchen

Oceans Five

04.11.2022 — 10.12.2022

copper wire shaped onto an organic form

Sixfold Project


18.11.2022 — 28.01.2023


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10:00 am — 4:00 pm

17 December — 17 December

General Event

Digital and Projection Art Workshop

A one day workshop exploring the basic skills you need to create digital and projection art. This is a one day workshop exploring the basic skills you need to create […]


6:00 pm — 8:00 pm

29 November — 29 November

General Event

Life Drawing Cairns

The long-running Life Drawing Cairns is inviting new people to register interest to attend the Tuesday night classes. Life Drawing Cairns is a friendly and informal weekly gathering for people […]


1:00 pm — 4:00 pm

19 November — 19 November

Four books standing upright with the spine facing forward. Each book uses a different binding style.

General Event, Workshop

Clever Coptic Bookbinding with Rose Rigley

In this workshop, Cairns-based contemporary artist and arts educator Rose Rigley will teach the fundamentals of bookbinding. Participants (14yrs+) will be guided to create an A5 hand-made, open-bound book using […]



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Four people around a white rectangle table. The person on the left is standing wearing a navy blue shirt with the text Wik & Kugu Arts Centre, beside him stands a woman wearing a white cardigan, beside her is a man sitting on an office chair with a black shirt and cap and beside him is a man wearing a grey shirt with the text Spinners, a black cap and glasses. All people are smiling and looking at the camera. There is a table infront of them with a detailed black and white print.

21 October, 2022

New creative space

You may have heard the buzz NorthSite and our friends at InkMasters are excited to have been through a process of transition recently, with…


copper wire shaped onto an organic form

7 October, 2022

Upcoming exhibition insights

Andrea Huelin takes us inside the studios of the collective group Sixfold Project to delve into their upcoming exhibition, Meanwhile,…


Bulmba-ja LED Facade at night featuring the work of Solomon Booth

27 September, 2022

Bulmba-ja Facade showcases artworks from Moa Arts

The Bulmba-ja LED facade is featuring artworks by four artists from Moa Arts, Ngalmun Lagau Minaral: David Bosun, Fiona Elisala-Mosby,…


30 September, 2022

Careers: Acting Director

DOWNLOAD POSITION DESCRIPTION   Position title: Acting Director Category of employment: 1 year contract, full-time…


31 August, 2022

Illuminate FNQ Indigenous Science Festival

NorthSite recently partnered to support an Art Science Talk event for the inaugural illuminate FNQ Indigenous Science Festival The…


26 August, 2022

SUPERCUT x Robert Tommy Pau

In July 2022, Robert Tommy Pau's artwork, titled 'Time', was presented on a billboard along the Bruce Highway as part of NorthSite's…