Paula Savage

Kubin Community Moa Island

My name is Paula Savage, I’m from Kubin Community Moa Island in the near western cluster of islands in the Torres Strait. I was born here on Moa Island and am a resident in the community.

I come from the Serganilgal clan group from the village of Dabu on Moa Island, and the Kaurareg Nation of Muralag and Kiriri.

Art was my interest from such a young age and during high school I studied visual arts and commercial arts.

After leaving school I pursued other job careers, in early 2017 I became a member of Ngalmun Lagau Minaral Art Centre (Moa Arts) in Kubin Community to take up my passion for visual arts again.

A lot of my interest in art is in weaving, lino printing, tie-dying, fabric printing, drawing, carving, and jewellery making.

My artworks are based on my cultural heritage, stories in traditional knowledge, techniques and styles and also, I like to express my art based on our everyday lifestyle which we still today practice, our cultural laws and customs.

Biography courtesy of Moa Arts.

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Bulmba-ja LED Facade at night featuring the work of Solomon Booth

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