Current and Upcoming Programs

Explore our programs over two locations; NorthSite Contemporary Arts at Bulmba-ja, 96 Abbott St, Cairns CBD and NorthSite Art Studios at 55 Greenslopes St, Edge Hill, Cairns.  

White text on a black backgound. Text reads 'NorthSite Art Studios'

NorthSite Art Studios

1 January — 30 December 2024

A black sign with white text that reads 'NorthSite Art Studios'. In the background id a white building.

NorthSite Art Studios Application

22 March — 23 December 2024

IDL logo in cyan on a black background with text in white that reads 'Indigenous Design Labs.

Indigenous Design Labs

1 January — 30 December 2024

A curator in the gallery speaking to a group of school students about an exhibition.

Visual Arts Education Tours & Talks

1 January — 30 December 2024