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Kim Ah Sam

Woven Identity “it’s not only me”

24 June — 12 August 2023

Void Gallery | NorthSite Contemporary Arts
Kim Ah Sam, Where our journey takes us, SUPERCUT Window Gallery, installation view, OuterSpace Brisbane, 2022. Documentation by Louis Lim.

Kim Ah Sam’s exhibition Woven identity “it’s not only me”, tells of the artist’s connections to Country, in which weaving takes the viewer on a life affirming journey exploring cultural identity.

Born and raised in Brisbane, Ah Sam was disconnected from her Country and identity but acknowledges where she is from, with a strong links to both her grandmother’s Kuku Yalanji Country, and her father’s Kalkadoon Country.
Ah Sam’s grandmother was removed from her Country and forbidden to speak her language. As a young girl, she was sent to Brisbane as a domestic hand and given the maiden name North, as she came from North Queensland.

This story reflects many First Nations peoples’ experience. Ah Sam’s weaving is a therapeutic practice and a healing process that tells the story of her journey.

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