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NorthSite Art Studios provides three workshop spaces for Artists to create and produce artwork within allocated 3hr timeslots.

From 23 October 2023 until 5 December 2023, NorthSite is trialling free public access at the NorthSite Art Studios each Monday. An expression of interest to participate will open from 1 September until 22 September 2023. We encourage all Artists who require a studio space to develop and create new works to apply.  

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Use the online application form below ensuring you complete all questions. The floor plan below outlines the three studio spaces available: Please note that the Printing Shed is only available to artists that are screen printing and/or creating large scale work. For further information please email: programs@northsite.org.au A black and white line drawing of the floor plan of the Art Studios and large green circles highlighting that 3 spaces available.  

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Important: Write and save your application to your computer before copying and pasting into this web-form. If you have any issues with the online form your can email Katrina Iosia at programs@northsite.org.au [contact-form-7 id="8fad47c" title="Public Access"]
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NorthSite Art Studios

1 January — 30 December 2024

A black sign with white text that reads 'NorthSite Art Studios'. In the background id a white building.

Studio Space Application

5 September — 16 October 2023

IDL logo in cyan on a black background with text in white that reads 'Indigenous Design Labs.

Indigenous Design Labs

1 January — 30 December 2024

A curator in the gallery speaking to a group of school students about an exhibition.

Visual Arts Education Tours & Talks

1 January — 30 December 2024

Drawing in the gallery

1 January — 30 December 2024