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NorthSite Art Studios

1 January — 30 December 2024

Northsite art studio - 55 Greenslopes street

NorthSite Art Studio - 55 Greenslopes Street, Edge Hill 4870

NorthSite Art Studios is a phenomenal workshop space for artists and designers to create, experiment, share ideas, and produce works.

For information on upcoming workshops/programs or to enquire about the studio space contact programs@northsite.org.au or call 0740509494

Our opening hours at NorthSite Art Studios are dependent on the programs that are running. Please contact us before visiting the studio.

NorthSite Art Studios
55 Greenslopes Street, Edge Hill, Cairns

NorthSite Art Studios provides workshop spaces for Artists to create, produce artwork and run workshops. We encourage all Artists who require a studio space to develop and create new works. Scholarship positions are available for individual artists from marginalized groups who may face prohibitive financial barriers to studio hire.


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The Space

The floor plan below outlines the three studio spaces available:

For further information please email: programs@northsite.org.au

A black and white line drawing of the floor plan of the Art Studios and large green circles highlighting that 3 spaces available.



Contact NorthSite Art Studios: programs@northsite.org.au

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