Elverina Johnson and Francoise Lane, Gathering (detail)


Gathering is a culture-based community collaboration, led by leading local artists Elverina Johnson and Francoise Lane. The final sculptural form which looks like a paperbark bulmba is currently on display at Bulmba-ja and invites further community interaction through workshops as part of the WOW Cairns festival. Elverina Johnson of Paperbark Arts and Francoise Lane of […]


Jean Walmbeng, Jean’s Mother’s Country (Series 6/7)

WOW Cairns Women’s Show

The WOW Cairns Women’s Show celebrates female painters and makers from across Northern Queensland. The diverse selection of artworks showcases the remarkable talent of 27 local artists within our region: Agnes Wotton, Anne Nunn, Betty Sykes, Caroline Mudge, Claudine Marzik, Delissa Walker, DOULA, Fiona Elisala-Mosby, Hannah Murray, Hannah Parker, India Collins, Jean Walmbeng, Julie Poulsen, […]


Material Sound exhibition at NorthSite

Material Sound

Material Sound is a multi-form exhibition that draws together six art practitioners and collaborative groups, each creating an experience of sound within installations constructed from everyday materials. Handmade instruments and electronics, recycled components, outmoded technologies, fake technologies, imagined sounds, and silences are brought together to challenge the way we think about materiality in a cumulative […]


Wish You Were Here

An immersive installation of collaged works on paper, projected animation, sound and Augmented Reality (AR) that transports the viewer into an uncertain landscape. Created thoughout the early days of the pandemic in 2020 and refinded into 2022 during post-covid living, Wish You Were Here began as a response to lockdowns and has continued to develop with […]


Vie Du Pacifique iii

Vie Du Pacifique iii celebrates the talent of 37 printmakers from across the Pacific region: Artists from four studios spanning the Pacific Coastal regions in Queensland Australia, as well as artists from California, Fiji, the Philippines and New Zealand. The exhibition offers an extensive range for visual and conceptual interpretation and in particular, this iteration […]


See What I See

This exhibition, See What I See, shows the transition in Nerelle Nicol’s photography with images offering different perspectives of subjects where some of her works could be described as abstract photography for example the ‘Burie’ series. Based in Cairns, Nerelle is inspired by the detailed textures, colours and patterns found in our natural environment and […]


Thinking of Place iii

Thinking of Place iii is an international collaborative print exhibition that involves 87 artists from 16 printmaking groups participating with new artworks. The exhibition invites artists to invoke a legend, myth, story or an aspect of ancestral heritage in relation to their personal identification with geography and environment. Cultural associations with concepts of land, country, colonisation […]


Back and white photo of a woman standing side on looking back at the camera

Never So Visible

Never So Visible proposes the importance of personal experience and investigation in photography through the inclusion of six visual artists working with the medium. Diverse histories, environments and experiences converge in the gallery space, revealing six approaches to personal photography practice from all over the world; from India to China, Romania to Australia. With shared […]


Deep North

‘Deep North’ is an ongoing project which examines interrelationships between ecology, psychology and the differing time scales within the landscapes of Far Northern Queensland. Produced over a ten year period the images chart the teeming surfaces, stilled recesses and storied topographies of these environments. The series considers the superimposition of spatial and biogeographical histories within […]


NorthSite Art Market | Print Edition

Shop Now This year the NorthSite Art Market celebrates the region’s unique suite of contemporary printmakers. ARTISTS and SUPPLYING PRINT STUDIOS: Arone Meeks | Billy Missi | Brian Robinson | Claudine Marzik | Danish Quapoor | Darren Blackman | David Jones | Dian Darmansjah | Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre | Hannah Murray | Hannah Parker […]