Rhonda Woolla


I feel each piece has a part of my Elders, their stories and my Country in it. This connection might not something you can physically see but something you feel and always carry within you.””

Rhonda Woolla is a proud Wik woman of the Putch Clan, Aurukun, who learnt the art of weaving and making feather flowers from her mother and grandmothers, the old girls in the community. She started weaving at a young age and sources and prepares all her own natural materials.

“My Kaath (mother) is my inspiration in everything I do. She was not just my mum, but my teacher, my biggest inspiration and greatest influence on all the knowledge I have gained. I believe that her spiritual presence guides and motivates me now in each weaving I create. She was well-known at home and across Australia for her leadership, in the Wik vs Queensland case and serving our community as the first female Mayor of Aurukun, in the 1980s, and 1990s.

When I make my weavings there is a strong feeling, and I am connected with my Kaath and Kemwayyow (grannies) and my culture and Country. When I was a little girl, I remember being around my Elders. Their presence created a warm and loving atmosphere. They always taught cultural knowledge, passing it down from generation to generation.”


Aboriginal woven basket with pink and white feathers

Rhonda Woolla

Kempan Menth (beautiful baskets) & Punth-Paam (Wik feather flowers)

06 July — 06 September 2020