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Regi Cherini

Sweet Nostalgia

23 January — 11 March 2023

Long Wall
Regi Cherini, Bubble O'Bill, 2022, embroidery floss on cotton, each 32.5 x 32.5 cm. Courtesy of the Artist.

Delicately hand-embroidered still lives by Regi Cherini, which subvert the domestic medium of embroidery and flip the passage of ‘growing up’ to the thrill of the contemporary needlecraft movement. Nostalgic treats from the 1980s and 90’s are lovingly replicated in self-indulgent stitch.

“After a rough year and facing the fast incoming of a milestone birthday heralding middle-age, I found myself in self-care mode and increasingly drawn to basking in the sweet sentimentality of nostalgia. This series of treats came about from unashamedly allowing myself to indulge in happy memories while mulling over the intoxicating effect of nostalgia, one of the best of emotions.”

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