Regi Cherini

Cairns, Far North Queensland

Born and raised in Sydney, Regi Cherini has chosen to spend most of her adult life living in regional and remote northern Australia, including the Northern Territory, the Kimberley region of Western Australia and most recently Far North Queensland. Remote living comes with many challenges and blessings and has afforded her perspectives and insights into various unconventional characters and lifestyles.

Now in her late-thirties, Cherini’s current series of works explores the shared experiences of women within the frame of societal pressure, expectation and gender inequality. Inspired by the contemporary needlecraft movement, Cherini utilises the medium of embroidery to depict still-life compositions. She revels in subverting the traditional domestic medium of embroidery to express seemingly incompatible subject matter.

In recent history, needlework has been a marker of femininity in its various iterations, a domestic ‘craft ‘constrained by utilitarian or decorative intent. Cherini is interested in challenging and undermining notions of imposed boundaries and hierarchies of creativity, raising embroidery out of the realm of craft and into that of fine art. Approached with a post-modern sensibility, referencing and yet rejecting a traditional context, Cherini demonstrates that embroidery can be an unconventional and subversive medium for examining and challenging issues of gender, equality, class and culture.

Words courtesy of the artist.


Bubble O'Bill ice cream wrapper embroidery on cotton and framed in a timber box frame

Regi Cherini

Sweet Nostalgia

23 January — 11 March 2023


Three women with a pink and purple background.

8 March, 2023

International Women’s Day

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