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Immortal Soil: Bob Horan & Selena Murray


20 October — 25 November 2023

Gallery 2 | NorthSite Contemporary Arts
Image courtesy of Immortal Soil

PORTAL is a gateway through to the ephemeral world often beyond our sight. Bare witness to the fleeting, fragility of nature. Reimagined to this present space in time.

A carnivorous carnival of natural occurring elements will draw you through to the other side.


Bob Horan and Selena Murray are the collaborative artist duo Immortal Soil, currently based in Northern NSW, Australia. With over 30 years of experience in event production and flower installations, Immortal Soil pursues and creates worlds within worlds, a blend of nature, emotional fantasy, soundscapes, and a retreat from the real world.

Influenced by the mystery and impermanence of nature, they work with naturally occurring, often unappreciated, materials to create dramatic, large-scale, and site-specific botanical sculptures. Their sculptures often mimic the natural world and act as a gateway to connection, enticing viewers to observe what may not otherwise be visible.

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