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Euan Macleod and Geoff Dixon

Facing Time: 50 Years

03 February — 28 March 2024

Gallery 2
Installation view, National Portrait Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand, 2023.

This exhibition features works by artists and long-term friends, Euan Macleod and Cairns-based artist Geoff Dixon.

The exhibition will be anchored by an iteration of, ‘Facing Time: Portraits of Geoff’ by Euan Macleod an allegory on isolation, loss, technology and most importantly friendship created during the Covid-19 lockdown.
Taken from an ongoing series of portraits (currently 320 and counting) which depict artists and friends Euan Macleod and Geoff Dixon’s daily communication on FaceTime, a godsend for so many isolated by the onset of the pandemic. The conversations started randomly, but were always photographed by Euan. In time the photos became paintings, a big portrait of Geoff, and a small one of the artist in the corner. Euan made a pledge with himself to paint one each day, as random snaps became planned seated poses while they discussed everything, including the death of Geoff’s partner. It became a distraction from a difficult world. Their connections and disconnections, are now archived under a marriage of the historic ethic of painting and cell phone technology. The new way we talk.

Facing Time: 50 Years will be complemented by other portraits by Macleod, as well as recent works by Dixon, representing their connection and friendship, transcending time and place.

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