Patty Preece


Patty Preece is a musician, electronic music producer and sound artist who works with hacked domestic objects to critically explore aesthetic and relational hierarchies at the intersection of sound, gender and technology. Preece’s practice spans performance, instrument design, production and most recently installation.

This Cairns based artist creates performance ecosystems using discarded domestic steam irons, ironing boards, DIY sensors and electronics. Their live performances engage with augmented domestic objects, noise and the relationship of performer, instrument and context. Preece’s creative practice research explores themes of labour, instrument design, sonic cyberfeminisms and sound art.


The Ironing Maidens: Melania Jack & Patty Preece

Pressing Topics

12 December — 14 January 2023


An old retro iron sitting on an ironing board. In the background is the projection with video people ironing in a factory.

31 July, 2023

The Ironing Maidens World Premiere in Cairns plus International Recognition at NIME

From December 2023 to January 2024, The Ironing Maidens (Melania Jack and Patty Preece) presented their sound, digital art and projection…


5 ironing boards, 2 in the front row and 3 in the back row, painted in bright pink. White collared shirts are suspended above each ironing board. Projected onto the white dress shirts is the silhouette of a 1950s quintessential housewife ironing.

16 December, 2022

On ‘Pressing Topics’

A multi-media installation of projection, sculpture, digital collage, video and sound to critically examine the unseen labour of…