Olivia Azzopardi


I'm interested in the absurd; creating artworks that have an element of humour or non-functionality, to provide a lighter view. I enjoy creating meticulous drawings and like to juxtapose mediums - often revealing distorted flora and the disfigured human body. ”

Olivia Azzopardi is an emerging artist specialising in drawing and ceramics who started her career with exhibitions at artist-run and community spaces including Tanks Art Centre in Cairns. In 2018 at TAFE North Queensland studios, Azzopardi has been afforded scope to develop her practice, working as a tutor and workshop technician while creating new work.



Olivia Azzopardi

Function Paralysis

2 March — 18 April 2020


10:30 am — 2:00 pm

29 February — 29 February 2020


General Event

Bulmba-Ja Community Welcome Day

Come and celebrate the opening of Cairns' revitalised arts centre - Bulmba-ja. Bulmba-ja (formerly Centre of Contemporary Arts) is a theatre, gallery and creative development space that plays a vital role in the thriving Cairns arts scene. Bulmba-ja supports Far North Queensland arts and culture with a focus on showcasing the unique stories of Aboriginal […]


6:00 pm — 10:00 pm

28 March — 28 March 2020

Opening Event

NorthSite Artists’ Party – POSTPONED

Following 18 months of renovation and transformation, we're home!!! New spaces and fresh faces with an everlasting commitment to creativity and community. The NorthSite Artists' Party brings the arts community together under this one roof again. The Centre of Contemporary Arts has been transformed by the State Government into Bulmba-ja - an inclusive new incubator […]