17 July, 2023

Darren Blackman Wins CIAF Innovation Award

Four artworks by Darren Blackman hang on a gallery wall. All art black and yellow with text.

Darren Blackman, exhibition installation at CIAF Art Fair, 2023. Image courtesy of NorthSite.

A special congratulations to artist Darren Blackman on winning the Innovation Award for Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF) 2023.

In 2022 Darren curated and exhibited work in the group exhibition REPATRIATE, showcasing the artworks of First Nations artists Dylan Mooney, Dylan Sarra, Kyra Mancktelow, Dion Beasley and Bernard Singleton Jr.

It was wonderful to see Darren working with new mediums for the 2023 CIAF Art Fair and to see his work recognised with the CIAF Innovation Award.

Read More: https://ciaf.com.au/ciaf-2023-art-awards