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Keith Wikmunea and Heather Koowootha

Yuk Wuy Min Ngantamp

24 June — 30 August 2022

Keith Wikmunea and Heather Koowootha, Yuk Wuy Min Ngantamp, NorthSite Contemporary Arts, 2022. Photo: Michael Marzik

NorthSite and Wik & Kugu Arts present the exhibition, Yuk Wuy Min Ngantamp, by senior artists of the Apelech Clan, Heather Koowootha and Keith Wikmunea.

Heather is a multi-disciplinary artist working in the mediums of printmaking, sculpture, painting, drawing, ceramics, and weaving. In this exhibition, Heather pays respects to her father and the women who taught her traditional culture from a young age. Heather’s artworks share the knowledge of Wik culture and specifically the uses of native plants, bush dyes and bush fibres.

Keith Wikmunea is passionate about passing on his creative and cultural knowledge to future generations. Keith was born and raised in Aurukun and is from the language groups Wik-Alken (mother’s side) and Wik-Mungkan (father’s side). His artworks reflect his old people’s Country at a place called Kencharang.

Presented as part of Cairns Indigenous Art Fair July 2022. Exhibition dates extended to be presented during the Internation Science & Eco Fest – Illuminate-FNQ, August 2022.

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