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Marun Carl Fourmile

Yidinji Creation | Facade Commission

24 January — 30 March 2020

Marun Carl Fourmile with his Yidinji Creation digital animation, new public art on the Bulmba-ja Art Centre

I’m working with three main animated drawings on photographs of the Inlet and this Country, Gimuy. Two are traditional Yidinji stories that have been passed down to me. One I’ve drawn with my Grandfather’s shield design and the Balurr, which is a sacred curved woomera associated with the story of the Great Barrier Reef and the time just after the last Ice Age when we were still part of the land mass Sahul. We have stories about that time after the Ice Age with the rising of the tides and seas, as many cultures do. My Elders used the curved Woomera and would put it at the bow of the boat, as a blessing for the vessel and to calm the waters. This is a story passed down in our Bama history. The 3 warriors are figures there often come into my vision. The other story in there is how the crocodile got his teeth.”

Marun Carl Fourmile (Yidinji), Yidinji Creation, 2020, digital animation, LED strips on building.

The first of a series of new commissioned works by Arts Queensland through NorthSite Contemporary Arts on the exterior of Bulmba-ja.

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