Marun Carl Fourmile

Gimuy (Cairns)

I see the need to invest and share cultural beliefs to tell locals and the wider community about our culture. So, they have a bit more understanding what is to be a Bama person, it’s not just singing and dancing, its about all our beliefs, the ongoing occurrence of our belief systems, extend from sharing the stories and songs, through engagement and knowledge.”

Marun Carl Fourmile is born into the Waluparra clan of the Yidinji Nation and is connected through the monsoon season, Nyumpurru. Marun has kept knowledge of cultural connection, that has been handed down through the generations of family.

Marun shares and continues the strong Yidinji culture of Gimuy through song, dance, and ceremony. He is Director of  Minjil Indigenous Cultural Services, a company that provides cultural education, experiences and services in Cairns.


Carl Fourmile_NorthSite Contemporary Arts

Marun Carl Fourmile

Yidinji Creation | Facade Commission

24 January — 30 March 2020