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Rose Rigley


2 October — 5 December 2020

NorthSite | Gallery 2

OBJECT is a collaborative project which asked the community to provide their keepsakes as the basis for the drawings and artworks in this exhibition. The cataloguing of these numerous objects references a biographical, lived memory. Yet in themselves, these items are mute, thought-less and inanimate things removed from their everyday context. Although the special objects are linked with personal histories, their status as keepsakes create questions regarding social recollection and archiving practices. Objects can remind us of another time and place. They ‘speak’ of love and loss. The fullness of their presence reminds us of what is missing. We activate them with memory and meaning and, in return, they become our memory-keepers.”
Rose Rigley

Artist Rose Rigley has sought special keepsakes from the community. These sentimental ‘memory objects’ have been redrawn by the artist in ink wash to form part of the exhibition at NorthSite. Over 150 memory items belonging to members of the community, have each been exquisitely redrawn in ink and wash, alongside sculptural artworks created through the process of engaging with other’s personal precious items.

For the project, the artist seeks, borrows and redraws personal items of people passed, contributed by loved ones, to focus on the connection between ordinary objects and past relationships.


You can purchase the exhibition publication here and all drawings in the exhibition are available to purchase here.

View details of Rose’s weekly performances here

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Guest book

Rose’s delicate, ephemeral works shake me to my foundations every time! Congratulations Rose and the curatorial team!

from Nina Jackman


Expressive and exquisitely drawn

from Ulla


A very moving exhibition. I feel the person in these objects and I wonder about them. I’m tormented by the objects in the cabinet. How can we bear to throw such things out!? Congratulations Rose on an amazing show.

from Andrea Huelin


Congratulations Rose on a wonderful show, so very thoughtful and thoughtprovoking.

from Margaret Genever


I enjoyed the exhibition very much. Beautiful draws of everyday objects that are special for their meaning. Rosie made them even more unique. We all identify ourselves with many of the objects that are beautifully represented by Rosie.

from Natacha Amora


Wonderful exhibition. Rosie has beautifully represented the objects -with special meaning to their owners – making them unique. As we identify ourselves with many of the objects we are transported to our own memories.

from Natacha Amora


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