Rose Rigley


Growing up north of Brisbane (Bribie Island), Rose Rigley utilises a broad range of media, including artist books, sculptural assemblage, drawing and installation.

This Cairns-based artist draws on firsthand experiences as she wrestles with ideas around loss, memory, and the untranslatable space between words. Her work often uses repetitive processes in a liminal exchange of unuttered questions, silent pauses, and the quiet physicality of making. For Rose, the act of producing can provide deeper understandings of absence in the fullness of what is created and insights into the state of being both “with” and “without”.

Valuing connection and collaboration, Rose is part of the TAFE Queensland visual art teaching team at the same campus (Cairns) where her own creative meanderings first started.



Rose Rigley


02 October — 05 December 2020

copper wire shaped onto an organic form

Sixfold Project


18 November — 28 January 2023


copper wire shaped onto an organic form

7 October, 2022

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