Rose Rigley


These small, tangible items can create an important link back to those loved ones, (human or animal), who are now absent from our lives or only exist in memory.”

Artist Rose Rigley is seeking special keepsakes from the community.

Sentimental ‘memory objects’ to be part of an upcoming exhibition at NorthSite.

For the project, the artist seeks, borrows and redraws personal items of people passed, contributed by loved ones, to focus on the connection between ordinary objects and past relationships.

This exhibition will contain over 100 memory items belonging to members of the community, each exquisitely redrawn in ink and wash, alongside sculptural artworks created through the process of engaging with other’s personal precious items.


Rose Rigley


2 October — 5 December 2020


10:00 am — 3:00 pm

09 October — 28 November 2020


Rose Rigley Performances – every Friday

ROSE RIGLEY Object Performances Witness artist Rose Rigley sort through sentimental items from her mother's archive, within the NorthSite exhibition space each Friday during the exhibition. Exhibition runs: 2 OCTOBER — 5 DECEMBER 2020 | Performances Fridays 10am - 12pm & 1pm -3pm. 9th October 16th October 23rd October 30th October 6th November 20th November […]