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Daniela Vavrova

I is Another

13 March — 22 April 2023

Long Wall
Daniela Vavrova, Ambonwari village, East Sepik Province, Pupua New Guinea, 2005, 29.7 x 42 cm. Courtesy of the Artist.

The connotation of ‘another’ is inclusive with reciprocal respect. “I is Another” embodies an existential eye which materialises into a dialogic relationship between the creator, the portrayed, and the audience.

This audio-visual project allows the author’s anthropological journey to be shared with the wider audience. Dr Daniela Vávrová left her birth country in 1998. She has travelled through different countries while studying social and cultural anthropology. Her passion for photography and people has transformed into a valuable collection of different audio-visual outcomes.

Usually, the research work is not publicly shared and available. The non-traditional research outputs are rare in the academic environment. Anthropology is an exception and it allows to produce practice-led outcomes which complement the written ones. The author’s journey as a visual anthropologist opens up new angles of view for the creative engagement with the world, the people and the places they inhabit.

It is through the encounters with “Another” that “I” reflects upon her doings and socio-cultural biases.

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