Daniela Vavrova

Cairns, Far North Queensland

Dr Daniela Vavrova is a creative visual anthropologist based in Cairns, Far North Queensland.

Daniela is currently a part-time curator at the Cairns Museum, casual research officer at CQU (Central Queensland University), an adjunct research fellow at JCU (James Cook University) and the director of The AV Lab and ALTAR at The Cairns Institute. Along with her interest in different cultures, she explores the relationship between anthropology and visual communication, between written accounts, photography and ethnographic filmmaking. Since 2005 her field site is situated in Papua New Guinea exploring how people shape and are shaped by their social and cultural environment through their sensory experiences.


village house surrounded by palm tree. Two people are looking out a window.

Daniela Vavrova

I is Another

13 March — 22 April 2023