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Selina Kudo

Conversations with My Barista (Real or Imagined)

03 February — 28 March 2024

Void Gallery
Selina Kudo, Conversations with my Barista (Real or Imagined), 2024. Courtesy the artist.

In Conversations with My Barista (Real or Imagined), Cairns-based artist Selina Kudo delves deep into the intricate landscape of the human psyche — a realm teeming with ceaseless thoughts, ever-evolving emotions, and a cascade of never-ending images. This exploration becomes an attempt to quiet the turbulent seas of the mind, to find an oasis of stillness amidst the perpetual mental chatter.

The video installation and polaroids that comprise the exhibition serve as visual echoes of these inner conversations—some clear and distinct, others mere whispers that dissolve upon closer inspection.

Through the juxtaposition of stark monochrome and the occasional interjection of subtle tonalities, Kudo aspires to emulate the contrasting nature of our thoughts—sometimes stark and defined, at other times a blend of shadows and highlights that elude clear definition. As viewers engage with ‘Conversations with My Barista (Real or Imagined),’ they are invited to witness the meeting of reality and imagination but to also to reflect on their own attempts to navigate the labyrinth of their minds.

Guided by the work of Japanese photographers like Masahisa Fukase, Miyako Ishiuchi and Daido Moriyama, Kudo embraces the Japanese aesthetic of are, bure and boke (meaning grainy, blurry and out of focus) to capture anything and everything, that is, the essence of life.

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