Robyn Glade-Wright


Through my works of art, I call attention to the role humans have played in climate change, environmental pollution and species loss. Beauty is used subversively. Lurking behind seductive forms lies a haunting message, goading us into reflection and action to preserve the diversity of the natural environment and the life forms that are dependent on these environments. ”

Robyn Glade-Wright is a practicing artist and arts educator who seeks to create a sense of disquiet in her works of art to engender reflection about the kind of life (and death) we impose on sentient creatures. Glade- Wright’s works of art respond to the ecological crisis of the Anthropocene in a form that conflates beauty and dread, and allure and anxiety to provoke contemplation of these terms in an effort to foster a sustainable future for life on this small planet. Glade-Wright is an Associate Professor, within the College of Arts, Society & Education at James Cook University Cairns. She has presented over 40 solo exhibitions in public and private galleries.


artwork made from squid hooks

Barbara Dover & Robyn Glade-Wright

Disquiet: Ecological Anxieties & Transformations

06 August — 26 September 2020