Robert Tommy Pau


This exhibition is an assertion that Torres Strait Enlightenment is how Torres Strait Islanders looked at their situation and circumstance in the 1800s and how they recognised their salvation from the commercial world that was obsessed with resources raiding”

Tommy is a descendant of the Eastern Torres Strait Islands, Australian Aboriginal, Papua New Guinea, Pacific Islander and Asia. He speaks Torres Strait Creole and Australian English. He was taught about the need to keep culture strong through cultural practice by his father. He has a strong commitment to keeping old traditions alive and believes that culture must remain true to the past and move with time to exist in the future. Tommy has considerable experience in the arts and his art forms of choice include printmaking, painting and sculpture.

He has completed a Bachelor of Education and currently completing a BA in New Media at James Cook University, Cairns.  He was a semi-finalist in the Telstra Art Award in 2017 and was the winner of the Works on Paper section of the 2016 Telstra Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award.   His works are in major public and private collections in Australia.  He is passionate in representing Indigenous arts and artists in general and the protection and true representation of Torres Strait Islander arts and culture.


Robert Tommy Pau

Torres Strait Enlightenment: 150th Anniversary of Coming of the Light

01 July — 28 August 2021

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NorthSite Art Market | Print Edition

17 December — 12 February 2022


Red fabric with grey leaves printed on top and more plants printed in white over the top.

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SUPERCUT x Robert Tommy Pau

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