Lenore Howard


For me, these works are really about adventure and unpredictability, they open intangible and unknown worlds.”

Born in Cairns in 1955. Howard commenced an artistic career with studies at the Queensland College of Art in Brisbane in 1976. She worked as a photographic correspondent and editorial artist at The Cairns Post in the 1980s and worked as an art lecturer at Tropical North Queensland Institute of TAFE in the 1990s. Howard has curated, coordinated, and exhibited in 40 plus key exhibitions.

Lenore Howard is a founding member of the Kick Arts Collective Inc. 1993 and was part of the inaugural Kick Arts exhibition The Fish John West Regrets curated by Chris Downie. She then coordinated the seminal feminist show produced by Kick Arts Collective at the nascent Cairns Regional Gallery in 1995. Titled No Piece of Cake, and curated by former Lynne Seear, the exhibition included the work of Howard and fifteen female contemporaries. That same year Howard exhibited at Queensland Art Gallery in the show, Regions and Rituals, with her work resultingly entering the State gallery’s permanent collection. Since then Howard has exhibited work in London, New York, Paris, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Canberra, Brisbane and Cairns.

Intimate narratives and personal journeys thread through Howard’s work, a practice that can be seen to have transgressed from surrealist symbologies to abstract tendencies over the course of 40 years. Social and political references are embodied within the thought behind forms though not always overt in Howard’s final works.


Lenore Howard

Beyond the Sight of Land

11 September — 30 October 2021

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NorthSite Art Market | Print Edition

17 December — 12 February 2022


5:00 pm — 9:00 pm

24 September — 24 September 2021

Artists Talks, Opening Event

‘Beyond the Sight of Land’ & ‘longwater: fibre stories’ EXHIBITION OPENINGS

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Director Ashleigh Campbell and the NorthSite team, you are invited to attend the opening event for: - Beyond the Sight of Land by Lenore Howard - long water: fibre stories curated by Freja Carmichael Order of events: 5:00pm - long water: fibre stories curator's talk with Freja Carmichael […]