Ulada Ikya Ami (Listening to Beforetime Stories) Exhibition Catalogue

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Ulada Ikya Ami (listening to beforetime stories) is a research based exhibition and catalogue with a focus upon the preservation of traditional, cultural and historical stories and knowledge of the Injinoo peoples.

Ulada Ikya Ami contained works on paper tracing themes and narratives of the dreamtime, movement and settlement, tribal conflict and governmental atrocities, religious impact on culture, country both land and sea, myths and legends, old rock art, the interconnectedness of the Injinoo peoples; the Gudang, Angkamuthi, Yadhaykana and Atambaya nations of Northern Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, through resettlement and spiritual connection to country.

Teho Ropeyarn is an emerging artist from the community of Injinoo who currently lives and practices in Cairns. Teho’s primary focus is to preserve and document old stories and old knowledge passed down by Injinoo Elders, ensuring the continuation of his language, art and culture into the future.


This catalogue is published in association with the exhibition Ulada Ikya Ami (Listening to Beforetime Stories) a partnership between KickArts Contemporary Arts, Cairns and Teho Ropeyarn at the Centre of Contemporary Arts Cairns 24 June – 19 August 2017.

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