22 May, 2023

IndigeDesign Labs x MECCA Brands

IndigeDesign Labs recently undertook a design project with Australian cosmetic retailer, MECCA Brands.

This exciting design collaboration for MECCA’s Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan included a skills design workshop with MECCA’s Creative Services team held in Gimuy (Cairns).

MECCA spoke with with Jamaylya Ballangarry-Kearins, IndigeDesign Labs Coordinator, about the collaboration with MECCA and IndigeDesign Labs.

Read the article here: https://lnkd.in/gHFdf-xX

IndigeDesign Labs is a partnership between NorthSite Contemporary Arts and Aboriginal design agency ingeous studios led by Aboriginal graphic designer and digital creative Leigh Harris and assisted by Jamaylya Ballangarry-Kearins.

A bright colourful design by IndigeDesign Labs with white text 'MECCA' in the middle of the image.

Image courtesy of IndigeDesign Labs.