1 November, 2019


Things happen differently in the North.

We have been pushing boundaries and defining the rhythm and the tempo at our own pace and with our own approaches to aesthetics and culture for many years.

As KickArts approaches its third decade we again refine our focus and reposition ourselves to best serve the contemporary artists of our region into the future and provide transformative experience for our wide audiences.

With vast distances and diverse artistic stories to share, it is important that our leading arts organisations are listening and agile and responsive to creative needs, creating new opportunities for artists to engage and extend their practice. That’s why we are embracing all the change and have listened to our existing and potential friends and supporters.

We are launching in 2020 with a fresh face and new name that is reflective of our place and focus.

Increasingly we are shining the spotlight on artists of the north, both looking back and re-articulating little known artistic success stories and forging boldly forward with new projects, collaborations and research. We are here to help contextualise, develop, market, celebrate and profile the incredible diversity and artists of the North.

We are of the North and for the North, increasingly looking north, east and west, across the waters off the edge of this vast continent, tracing connections and fostering exchange and opportunities for our contemporary artists.

Our programs decentralise curatorial models and allow for greater amplification of voices and experiences. We bring people up with us and co-produce projects through meaningful and proper engagement. Providing unparalleled inspiration and experiences for artists, supporters and audiences.

We want you to be part of this next exciting chapter as we create the future of visual culture in the North together. We will continue to operate our retail arm NorthSite Store (formerly KickArts Shop) as a social enterprise, supporting over 200 artists and designers each year and reinvesting all profits from sales of original works of art back into artist’s pockets and programs for our communities.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new North Site galleries within the renovated Centre of Contemporary Arts for the first celebration of many in early 2020.