20 March, 2023

Ethereal Selves

Two clear perspex panels with blue paint hang from the ceiling.


NorthSite Contemporary Arts are pleased to present the exhibition Ethereal Selves by Emma Gardner.

Ethereal Selves is an installation of suspended self-portraits capturing moments of surrender and states of vulnerability.

Gardner’s work is grounded in Western esoteric practices, such as Contemporary Occultism, which emphasise human connections to natural elements and rhythms. She looks to the stars for divination and incorporates ritualistic habits that promote healing into her creative process. In her self-portraits, Gardner uses analogue photography yet moves beyond surface-level and representational imagery.

Ethereal Selves also illustrates Gardner’s larger interests in storytelling, watching, feeling and wandering without direction. Through these works, she hopes to evoke ancient heroines and imagine future protagonists, who challenge the rationality, consumption and commercialism of contemporary life by demonstrating other ways of being.

Gardner’s exhibition is showing at NorthSite Contemporary Arts from 25 March to 06 May 2023.

FREE ENTRY | Learn More: northsite.org.au/exhibitions/ethereal-selves/


NorthSite Open | Saturday, 25 MARCH 2023 | 10AM-12:30PM | $15pp
Emma Gardner will discuss her exhibition, Etheral Selves, in which her cynatope self-portraits are digitally translated onto Perspex to create a haunting installation, responding to the gallery architecture.

Booking Link: northsite.org.au/event/northsite-open/


Emma Gardner is an interdisciplinary artist based in Meanjin/Brisbane, Australia. Gardner reworks salvaged, silk and organic textiles, and experiments with the laborious and process-driven techniques of cyanotype, trace-monotype and embroidery. The female nude appears figuratively and performatively in her work as she explores the layered meanings within self-portraiture. Her work is grounded in Contemporary Occultism which emphasises the human connection to natural cycles and rhythms.

Learn More: northsite.org.au/artists/emma-gardner/