IndigiDesign Lab is an Indigenous led creative learning lab which seeks to introduce young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creatives to the digital design and creative fields through immersive storytelling and the confluence of art, design, technology and the natural world.

Exploring the relationships between people, culture and the environment through the use of art, design and technology.

Creating immersive experiences that tell our stories in new and innovative ways.

Realising the relationship between the self and the world and creating new perceptions through storytelling.

Drawing inspiration from traditional and contemporary cultures concurrently, our IndigiDesign crew will discover ingenuity in converging culture with technology.

Our program will take our creatives on a journey from conception to creation of tangible projects.

Learning from different cultural and industry mentors in our community through a series of workshops, IndigiDesign creatives will gain valuable new insights.

Our young creatives will be encouraged to grow as empathetic design leaders who will make a global difference.

IndigiDesign Lab is committed to providing our future Indigenous design leaders a platform that will encourage cultivation of professional or creative opportunities.