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The World Around Us

Works from the NorthSite Collection

17 April — 29 April 2021

Gallery 1

Life is temporary”
Aven Noah JR

The World Around Us is a NorthSite Contemporary Art collection exhibition presenting works by ten artists; Alfonso Puautajimi, Bernard Vartuli, Bonemap Intermedia – Russell Milledge and Rebecca Youdell, Edward Koumans, John Pule, Josia Redestowicz, Kristin Tennyson, Sue Woodridge and Zane Saunders.

The exhibition ravels in the midst of global uncertainty, a time of great change that is affecting life on earth through a global pandemic; the good, the bad and the ugly.

The World Around Us through the works, allows viewers to self-reflect; through personal and emotional wellbeing, the importance of climate change and the environment, world trade and finances, wars, famine, migration and people, memory and time and effects of time in the future.


This exhibition has been curated by Aven Noah JR & Teho Ropeyarn

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