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International collaborative printmaking exhibition

Thinking of Place iii

04 February — 12 March 2022

NorthSite Contemporary Arts
Lucy Parris, Edgelands, 2020, stone lithograph on hahnemühle etching paper 285gsm.

Thinking of Place iii is an international collaborative print exhibition that involves 87 artists from 16 printmaking groups participating with new artworks. The exhibition invites artists to invoke a legend, myth, story or an aspect of ancestral heritage in relation to their personal identification with geography and environment. Cultural associations with concepts of land, country, colonisation and collective memories that adhere to places can thus be layered in potentially complex ways. This international collaboration represents individual responses to both specific localities and shared cultural legacies.

The project constitutes an ambitious cultural exchange, involving groups from Argentina, Australia (x3), Canada, Denmark, Guam, New Zealand (x2), Turkey, United Kingdom (x2) and United States of America (x3).


Participating artists

Anatolian Printmakers – Turkey
Sezin Türk Kaya (coordinator)
Selvihan Kilic Ates
Melihat Tüzün
Aslihan Kaplan Bayrak
Umut Germeç

Big Ink Studio – San Francisco USA
Frances Valesco (coordinator)
Karen Kunc
Michelle Murillo
Jonathan Barcan
Barbara Foster
Bronwyn Dexter

Funen Printmakers Group – Denmark
Lene Leveau (coordinator)
Jorgen Munck
Pernille Andersen
Ashte Faieq
Kirsten Muchitsch Hesselager
Anne Louise Blicher

Goldfields Printmakers – Australia
James Pasakos (coordinator)
Leonie Auhl
Anne Langdon
Loris Button
Kim Barter

InkMasters Cairns – Australia
Laurel McKenzie (coordinator)
Judith Corrighan
Gen Anderson
Carmen Dapena
Andrea Num Glover

Intermountain West – Utah USA
Kathleen Stevenson (coordinator)
Lauren Bennett
Susanna Castleden
Justin Diggle
Stefanie Dykes
Kathy Puzey

Kamloops Printmakers Society – Canada
Linda Jules (coordinator)
Kelly Perry
Ila Crawford
Darlene Kalynka
Elizabeth Sigalet
Aina Elina Roenningen

Limerick Printmakers – Ireland UK
Suzannah O’Reilly Mullaney (coordinator)
John Wynne
James Kearney
Tadhg Flynn
Anne Deering
Anne-Marie Flannery

Material Encounters – Birmingham UK
Catherine Baker (coordinator)
Jonnie Turpie
Lucy Parris
Jennifer Wright
Taiba Akhtar

Melbourne Printmakers Group – Australia
Antonietta Covino-Beehre (coordinator)
Heather Shimmen
Emma Stoneman
Marie Louise Anderson
Lesley O’Gorman

North Island Printmakers – New Zealand
Prue MacDougall (coordinator)
Delwyn Holder
Kyla Cresswell
Struan Hamilton
Toni Mosley
Sheyne Tuffery

Pachamama – Argentina
Silvana Blasbalg (coordinator)
Floki Gauvry
Adriana Cora
Marta Perez Temperley

Perspectives – Guam, Poland, USA
Irena Keckes (coordinator)
Piotr Skowron
Joleen Unas
Daena Perez
Katarzyna Zimna
Milos Djordjevic

Printmakers East to West, Kentucky, USA
Rachel Singel (coordinator)
Melanie Yazzie
Dean Dass
Tom Christison
Akemi Ohira
Anita Jung

Sympoiesis – UK
Sumi Perera (coordinator)
Anne Desmet
Roy Willingham
Victoria Ahrens
Carol Wyss

Te Wai Pounamu – New Zealand
Kim Lowe (coordinator)
Kate Rivers
Ben Reid
Inge Doesburg

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