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Jaymen Leigh Drahm

EVENT: ‘One Man’s Trash’ an ephemeral performance

05 July — 05 July 2022

Studio B, Bulmba-ja

WE WANT YOU to come along on a Ultra Violet Visual experience to transcend you into this years CIAF in neon spirit.”

Jaymen Leigh Drahm is a Yidinji future ancestor creating his own path with a background in numerous art forms.

This dance is about a spirit trapped in a land full of trash. The spirit lurks through the night hoping to find any essence remaining to ESCAPE the PALACE of “One Man’s Trash”.

Witness an electrifying live-storytelling experience that captures the remanence of dance on canvas.

Tuesday 5 July, 8:00pm at the CIAF Artist’s Welcome Reception + NorthSite Contemporary Arts Exhibitions Preview + Opening

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