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Nyungu Bubu: Stories from our Country

29 June — 10 September 2022

Sacred is our culture, our knowledge, our lore. It is precious and we can not give it away. We are passing it on to the next generations. We can only share a little bit. Not everything. ”

An exhibition by artists from Bana Yirriji Art Centre, Wujul Wujul during CIAF 2022.

The Bana Yirriji Centre is situated alongside the spectacular Bloomfield River, a short walk from the famous Wujal Wujal Falls. Bana Yirriji Art Centre represents artists from the Yalanji, Nyungkul and Jalunji clan groups.

In developing this body of work, the Bana Yirriji Artists considered concepts of sacredness. The title of the exhibition translates as Nyungu (our) and Bubu (Country).  Bubu is also the term used for ‘earth’, which reflects the nature of these paintings that were created using locally found and processed earth pigments, by grinding local ochres into powder.


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