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Geoffrey Schmidt


12 May — 24 June 2023

Gallery 2, NorthSite Contemporary Arts
Geoffrey Schmidt, MANdala N016., 2022, giclee print on canvas, 75cm x75cm. Image courtesy of the artist.

MANdala is an establishment of a sacred space, a focusing of attention, a symbol of the universe and a meditative representation of higher thought.

This work is an embracing and balancing of the male body with the acceptance of self and identity. The blending of the body, mind, environment and established systems. The Mandala works as an equalizing and quieting tool to establish a resting point. The images are a centered and symmetrical balancing of the human condition, personalized psychology and systems of existence.

The Yantra is a geometrical design intended as a tool or instrument for meditation and increased awareness. A triangle with a point at the top is representative of the male, inverted with the point at the bottom, female. The central spot is the Bindu or seed point, a representation of the universe and a focus point for meditation. The Yantra is the principle while the Mandala is the expression. These images are tools to evoke the inhale of inspiration and the exhale of transformation.

A Yantra is a machine or instrument used to assist in meditative discipline. An abstract geometric tool for increased awareness. The Yantra is an amalgam of three principles: Form, Function and Power. Forms are the shapes that abound in the universe that Function as an instructional chart to the spiritual aspects of human experience. In ritual worship or contemplation the Yantra moves beyond form and function and emerges as a Power Diagram, at this point the Yantra is revealed.

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