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Bulmba-ja Arts Centre Facade

IndigeDesign Labs

21 December — 29 March 2021

Design by Azaliah Salee

It’s a digital world and I want to experience incorporating cultural design in modern technology and gain more experiences in digital design. This program has provided everyone with great new experiences, and I’m really thinking about it as a career now ”
Janice Ghee

Congratulations to deadly IndigeDesign Labs participants who created these vibrant designs with program partner Leigh Harris.

Assisted by digital arts mentor Russell Milledge.

Designers: Janice Ghee, Azaliah Salee, Adi Passi, Kayden Parkes and Raymond Clark.
IndigeDesign Labs is an experimental Indigenous creative learning lab which seeks to introduce young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creatives to digital design and creative industries through the confluence of art, design, technology and culture , developing immersive storytelling in natural and man-made environments.
Great things to come in 2021, watch this space!
IndigeDesign Labs is a partnership between Ingeous studios and NorthSite Contemporary Arts, with seed funding provided through the John T Reid Trusts.
NorthSite’s Facade project is supported by the Queensland Government throughArts Queensland. NorthSite is assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

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