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Charlotte Haywood

Future Nostalgia

01 September — 14 October 2023

Gallery 2 | NorthSite Contemporary Arts
Charlotte Haywood, 'Future Nostalgia', Digital Collage, (detail). Image courtesy of the artist.

I am not a noun. I am an ecology.

Future Nostalgia looks at emergent narratives of the future through our relationships to song, dance, craft, food, ecologies, ourselves and each other.

Drawing from evolutionary ecological research and restoration, speculative fiction, surrealism, eco-philosophy and biomimicry, Future Nostalgia works to congeal multiple collaborating participants and networks of knowledge. These include multi-instrumentalist/artist Sue Simpson; evolutionary biologist Dr Katharina Nargar from the Australian Tropical Herbarium; JCU; krump dancer Thv Flood (Maxwell Douglas); resonance artist/harpist Natalia Lagi’itaua Mann; Kuku Yalanji Song Woman/Weaver Merindi Schrieber; harpist Loni Fitzpatrick; the Daintree Rainforest Observatory; the Forum of Sensory Motion; environmental scientist and rainforest seed specialist Michelle Chapman; and wild food researcher and chef Peter Hardwick amongst emerging others.

The future is not shiny. It is gritty and entangled.

Through Haywood’s process-driven ‘everyway’ weaving, she entwines research and immersion, craft thinking and making, film and sound, collaboration and collective tacit knowledge creation.

Cultivating places of care, regeneration and participation.

Part choose your own adventure, part lounge room, part library, part confessional booth and temple of veneration or mourning.

Haywood offers niches of comfort and decay. Through renderings of evolutionary adaptation, DIY maps of survival, embodied and eaten shared knowledge; a cradled space of coalescence is offered to inhabit.

As woven threads of coexistence coil alongside the mycorrhizal fungi midwives of orchid seed germination.

Tied in a single garment of destiny – through implicit ecology, mutualism and alchemy.

Detuning and retuning as a constant unfolding and divergence.




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