Call of the Running Tide

NorthSite presents Call of the Running Tide a sculpture and multimedia group exhibition, responding to the real and dire circumstances that humanity faces due to escalating ecological and climate change.


Extending their art practice, both conceptually and aesthetically, artists have drawn on a wide range of processes and a variety of media to communicate their concerns.


The works of art invite us to develop our deeper connections with the natural world; they urge us to galvanise and transform the ways we regard our planet and implore us to bring about changes for the better: the works are a call to action.


Artists showing at NorthSite; Jill Chism, Rosey Cummings, Ross Cummings, Susan Doherty, Barbara Dover, Tim Ellis, Ashley Holmes, Mollie Bosworth, Klara Royster, Suzannah Babicci, Andrea Collisson, Leanne Emmit, Victoria Park, Lynette Griffiths and Marion Gaemers. Artists showing online; Robyn Glade-Wright and Tanya Chapman.


 ‘Call of the Running Tide’ is an excerpt from John Masefield’s 1902 poem ‘Sea Fever’. A poem of musicality, that sings to connection of a sailor to the wild sea.