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Bulurru Dagil-ndu “The people are strong, the spirit is strong, the creator is strong”

26 June — 04 September 2021

The Void Gallery
The Djumburru Nyiwul Dancers picked up some Wanggalay (White Cockatoo) feathers from Birdworld Kuranda to create new headdresses for the Bulurru Dagil-ndu exhibition at NorthSite

The Djabugay Art Centre is literally, a work in progress. Bulurru Dagil-ndu is the breakout exhibition that displays and contextualises the strong arts and cultural heritage that underpins one of Queensland’s newest Indigenous art centres.”
Dennis Hunter - Cultural Development Officer at Djabugay Aboriginal Corporation

The Bulurru Dagil-ndu exhibition illustrates a very unique and compelling cultural narrative that draws from traditional lore and contextualises the contemporary experience of Djabugay artists and Djabugay bulmba (country).

Through new installation, object and video-based works the rising Djabugay Artists Collective tells the story of Gurra-minya and Gurra-bana, the dry and wet sides of the traditional Djabugay moitey system.

Bulurru is a very important Djabugay ngirrma (language) word. Its meaning crosses contexts: lore, creation, the creator, story waters, story places, the country, time itself, spiritual beings, and much more. Gurra-Gurra means ancestors in the Djabugay ngirrma. ‘Minya’ is meat from the dry-side of country. ‘Bana’ means water from the wet-side Country. If your father came from the dry-side, all your siblings had to follow your fathers’ line, and you all became gurra-minya. If you were from gurra-minya you must marry someone from gurra-bana.
Dennis Hunter, exhibition cultural curator

Exhibition Walk Through

Gurra-bana, Gurra-minya – How our moiety system is established (detail), 2021, audio/ visual, courtesy of Djabugay Art Centre


Bulmba Djugaying – Smoking of the house/ homeland, 2021, audio/ visual, courtesy of Djabugay Art Centre

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