Yasuko Alcaino


Yasuko Alcaino is an emerging artist, born in Japan and moved to Australia in 1996.
Her work explores human relationships, emotions and her own journey of self-discovery. Yasuko uses bright colours to enhance the scene. She often adds animals to her work as a storyteller or witness.

“Relationships between people, animals, nature and objects are found in our daily life. Sometimes these relationships form a unique and strong bond between the two, which makes me realize how valuable our life is.”

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Realistic painting of two hands with the right hand over the top of the left. They wear three rights on the top hand and two rings on the bottom. There are 4 bees on the top hand and two bees on their arm. Three bee are flying the the black background.

Kaori Suzuki | Yasuko Alcaino | Alice Martin | Lisa Wright | Mary-Lou Kitchen

Oceans Five

04 November — 10 December 2022