Wendy Mocke

Cairns, Australia | Madang, PNG

As a writer and artist, one of my quests is to make alive what is quiet and asleep in Melanesian stories and unpack the myriad of layers that is black Pacific Islander identity.”

Wendy Mocke is a Papua New Guinean inter-disciplinary storyteller.

She is a NIDA Acting graduate and currently an emerging writer at Sydney Theatre Company. Wendy performed in 2018’s Festival Fatale at Darlinghurst Theatre in a play she co-wrote called Jelbu Meri.

This year, the play was listed in the lineup for Darlinghurst Theatre Company’s development program called ‘Next In Line’. Wendy also previously undertook a residency at Rex Cramphorn Studio for a verbatim theatre piece she devised called Voices of West Papua.

Wendy’s visual art’s project called ‘m e r i’, a collection of photographs and stories that focuses on the recontextualising contemporary PNG women, will be exhibited in November 2021 at North Site Contemporary Arts Gallery in Cairns, Far north Queensland, with virtual engagement throughout the month of August, 2020.


Wendy Mocke_Nana

Wendy Mocke

The ‘m e r i’ project

01 January — 12 November 2021