Solomon Booth

Kubin Village, Moa Island

Inspired by the beautiful surroundings of my island home my works draw upon Torres Strait and Melanesian influences. Our ancestors were master craftsmen creating ceremonial and other utilitarian objects from wood. This is why I find Linocut ideal, because it has a sense of displaying one’s articulate style of carving. The ideas and themes that I produce in my artwork are based on the rich lifestyle and livelihood of our ancestors and the myths and legends and beliefs of our forefathers and mothers. This is where I feel inspired to be a part of recording my people’s cultural heritage visually and proud to showcase this knowledge to the world.”

Solomon resides in his motherland of Kubin Village on Moa Island in the beautiful Torres Strait, located between mainland Australia and Papua New Guinea. He has lived here since he was 15 years old.

Solomon spent his early years in Darwin in the Northern Territory. As a child, he had a fascination with art and drawing. Solomon finished his schooling in Townsville Queensland.

In 2000, renowned artist Dennis Nona asked Solomon to join the Mualgal Minarral Artist Collective. The collective later evolved into the Moa Arts – Ngalmun Lagau Minaral Art Centre.

Solomon has completed the ATSI Visual ARTS Certificate and Cert IV Training and Assessment.

He was the founding Committee member for the Moa Arts – Ngalmun Lagau Minaral Art Centre, a role he takes seriously and with great pride and purpose. “This is a most exciting time in my career” he says.

Biography courtesy of Moa Arts.

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Bulmba-ja LED Facade at night featuring the work of Solomon Booth

David Bosun | Fiona Elisala-Mosby | Paula Savage | Solomon Booth

MOA Arts | Bulmba-ja Facade

27 September — 14 November 2022


Bulmba-ja LED Facade at night featuring the work of Solomon Booth

27 September, 2022

Bulmba-ja Facade showcases artworks from Moa Arts

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