Louisa Ennis-Thomas

Melbourne / Cairns

Australian artist, Louisa Ennis-Thomas lives and works between Melbourne and Cairns in Far North Queensland. Her multi-disciplinary approach embraces the creative possibilities of painting, drawing and sculpture, blurring the boundaries in between. Sculpture and installation feature strongly within her practice, underpinned by experimentation with form, texture and challenging materials.

Louisa responds to the human condition and the environments which frame us, both natural and cultural. Art making, writing and collaboration are central to her creative practice. Collaborations include more than 10 years co-directing Knock Knock Contemporary Artists’ Initiative, and now, as a member of Sixfold (Six-friends-over-long-distance) Project. Her works can be found in private collections around Australia, and in the National Gallery of Australia Print Collection, Canberra.



copper wire shaped onto an organic form

Sixfold Project


18 November — 28 January 2023


copper wire shaped onto an organic form

7 October, 2022

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