Julie Poulsen


Julie Poulsen’s curiosity for colour and composition were informed by multiple locations in her formative years. From Papua New Guinea to the Gold Coast, from traditional Toowoomba and the United Kingdom to frontier Cooktown, Julie’s travels nurtured a tendency towards discovery and experimentation.

Born and educated in Brisbane Julie spent a year in Cooktown in 1977 before entering into a Diploma of Creative Arts in Toowoomba. In an era exemplified by limited formal tuition, Julie formulated a mindset of investigation which would characterise her future art practice.

Zigzagging between themes in 2008 Julie settled into sightseen landscapes of Far North Queensland and figurative works.

Julie continues working in her Cairns studio, alternating between painting, mixed media and wall installations, teaching one day a week and managing her practice.


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copper wire shaped onto an organic form

Sixfold Project


18 November — 28 January 2023


copper wire shaped onto an organic form

7 October, 2022

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