Jill Chism

Oak Beach, Far North Queensland

My particular concern is with existential questions about the nature of reality. At a macro level this involves the relationship with my community and immediate environment and in particular the natural environment. At a micro level there is the more important metaphysical question of existence and my relationship to the formless energetic layers of reality. Both perspectives shape the choice of projects and the creation of artwork, including concepts, aesthetics, and the use of materials. ”

Jill Chism sees herself as a custodian of the natural environment. She recognizes the significance of place and our connections as individuals to both our local environment and the larger cosmos.

With academic qualifications in art and theology, Jill’s understanding of reality has evolved to become more aligned with non-dual spiritual traditions and perspectives. Along with personal experience her wider perception has led to an appreciation for the great mystery of life, the preciousness of the present moment and the understanding that we are just a small expression of a greater consciousness.

Her perceptions and experiences inform her artwork, evoking the liminal zones where questions are asked, objects appear and disappear, edges blur between realities, always inviting reflection on who we are and our purpose.

As a prolific North Queensland artist with an extensive CV, Jill has worked between various art forms including environmental art, installation, sculpture, digital art and public art. Her work spans diverse materials and processes, in response to the artwork or project at hand.

Currently Jill is the curator and instigator of an Environmental Art Festival, Call of the Running Tide, for the Douglas Shire in which she lives.