Patty Preece

Patty Preece is a musician, electronic music producer and sound artist who works with hacked domestic objects to critically explore aesthetic and relational hierarchies at the intersection of sound, gender and technology. Preece’s practice spans performance, instrument design, production and most recently installation.

This Cairns based artist creates performance ecosystems using discarded domestic steam irons, ironing boards, DIY sensors and electronics. Their live performances engage with augmented domestic objects, noise and the relationship of performer, instrument and context. Preece’s creative practice research explores themes of labour, instrument design, sonic cyberfeminisms and sound art.

Melania Jack

Melania Jack is a queer, non-binary, feminist artist working within digital art, projection, electronic music and performance mediums. Melania’s practice uses digital collage and ‘vidding’; video editing of archival and filmed materials, projection mapped onto domestic object sculptures to explore socialisation, gender, race and class issues connected to unpaid and low paid domestic labour.

The work examines these issues through a glitch feminist lens, using the glitch aesthetic within the work to represent a disruption of the image to reveal the unseen work, and other realities beneath the surface image.

Alice Martin

Within my body of work, I explore the interconnection of nature and the human form in relation to invisible illness. I delve into the notion of identity, stripping back the faces and human figures in the same way society strips those affected by invisible disabilities of their sense of identity. Inspired by classical baroque period styles, I aim to create visual beauty while in turn generating awareness of conditions like Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis: “Myalgicencephalomyelitis… is a complex and disabling disease that affects many parts of the body, including the brain and muscles, as well as the digestive, immune and cardiac systems, among others. ME is classified as a neurological disorder by the World Health Organization.” – Emerge Australia*.


Yasuko Alcaino

Yasuko Alcaino is an emerging artist, born in Japan and moved to Australia in 1996.
Her work explores human relationships, emotions and her own journey of self-discovery. Yasuko uses bright colours to enhance the scene. She often adds animals to her work as a storyteller or witness.

“Relationships between people, animals, nature and objects are found in our daily life. Sometimes these relationships form a unique and strong bond between the two, which makes me realize how valuable our life is.”

Kaori Suzuki

My name is Kaori. I am a printmaker based in Cairns.
The themes behind my artworks portray my experience as a migrant and traveller. I then use my imagination to develop symbols and metaphors to express the feelings of identity from Japan to Australia. Interestingly migratory birds repeat the cycle of migration, innately year in year out. They appear to do this with resilience and strength at the mercy of their environment. This inspires my desire to find strength in this pattern of life.

Lisa Wright

I am an abstract sculptural artist living in Cairns, Queensland. I prefer to use everyday objects collected during my travels to explore themes of freedom. My process is to build 3-dimensional forms by repurposing the familiar materials and use repetition to develop patterns. This creates a feeling of controlled tension and sets boundaries for me to maintain some discipline within my sense of freedom.

Mary-Lou Kitchen

Mary-Lou Kitchen (b. 1967, Melbourne, Australia)

I am a multi-media artist living in Cairns. I work in a variety of media because I feel comfortable with my skill set in these areas. As a photographer and typographer, I combine these media into 3-dimensional forms. I am inspired by the history around the female form and re-interpreting how we engage with gender interpretations.

Elizabeth Hunter

Elizabeth Hunter is a highly creative professional Multidisciplinary Artist / Master Printmaker with over 35 years extensive National and International experience.

Elizabeth studied and worked in Florence Italy, 1990-2000, obtaining MA in Printmaking at Surrey University London, 1996. Hunter currently works as Art coordinator and Art Supervisor for CYE in Aurukun, & continues to collaborate with Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists in Far North Queensland through experimental art mediums.

Elizabeth will be a qualified Transpersonal Art Therapist & Counsellor, through the College of Complementary Medicine, Sydney who’s business will begin to operate early next year starting with Transpersonal Therapy Retreats in Bali.

Jennifer Valmadre

Jennifer Valmadre works in mixed media encaustic painting, sculpture and ceramics.
Her work is driven by the investigation and application of different materials to an array of concepts. She is loathed to think that what she would like to create may be inhibited because of a material’s limitation. Experimentation, with all its highs and lows, not only keeps her engaged but also extends and expands how and what she makes; it is discovery that informs her practice and defines her teaching.

Jennifer lives and works in Cairns, Far North Queensland.

Julie Poulsen

Julie Poulsen’s curiosity for colour and composition were informed by multiple locations in her formative years. From Papua New Guinea to the Gold Coast, from traditional Toowoomba and the United Kingdom to frontier Cooktown, Julie’s travels nurtured a tendency towards discovery and experimentation.

Born and educated in Brisbane Julie spent a year in Cooktown in 1977 before entering into a Diploma of Creative Arts in Toowoomba. In an era exemplified by limited formal tuition, Julie formulated a mindset of investigation which would characterise her future art practice.

Zigzagging between themes in 2008 Julie settled into sightseen landscapes of Far North Queensland and figurative works.

Julie continues working in her Cairns studio, alternating between painting, mixed media and wall installations, teaching one day a week and managing her practice.